The Story Behind United We Stand  

 I was in the process of creating a patriotic mural for the Dyer Indiana Police Department when I started discussing some ideas about a police tribute painting with Dyer Police Chief David Hines, Detective Commander Don Foley, and Commander Jim Bazant.  We spent that evening bouncing ideas back and forth and it was about a week later when I began painting United We Stand .  I have created this piece to pay tribute to all of those in Blue across America.  The Dyer Indiana Police Department has played an important role in helping me show support to our officers and their families.  This campaign would not have been possible without the help and support of the Dyer PD. 


Since then, I have donated over 30 police tribute prints to departments and families of fallen officers across the U.S.  The original painting is currently on tour visiting and is displayed at different police departments throughout the country.  My hope is to one day display the original painting in the White House and join our President in showing support for all of those that wear Blue.


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