Mark Paul John

The Freedom Artist

Soldier Silhouttes Series
Black Ops
Night Watch
Waves of Strength
Coming Home
Armor of Light
The Watchmen
Stars 'N Bars
Haze Gray
New Horizon
American Pride
United We Stand

American Pride

This charcoal image was created to honor and remember all of the first responders who so bravely put their lives on the line to help others during the tragic September 11, 2001 attacks. 

The American Pride charcoal image is donated to fire departments all across the country.  I donate the drawing to show appreciation and thanks to the men and women who so selflessly put their lives in danger to help others.   

Soldier Silhouettes

The Soldier Silhouettes military painting series was created to honor, remember and pay tribute to America's military men & women.  To those, past and present, who put our nation's welfare before their own.   The paintings recognize their hard work, courage, sacrifices and selflessness by creating powerful images which capture moments of emotion, fearlessness, and bravery.   

United We Stand

The United We Stand painting was created to honor, support, remember and express gratitude to law enforcement communities across the United States.  The United We Stand painting recognizes the difficulties our men and women in blue face each day.  


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